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Eliza Bonet


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Bonet's voice, taut as black leather, ascends to triumphant top notes over snaking leitmotifs..."

          - Opera News

" Mezzo-soprano Eliza Bonet (Mistress Salome) and bass-baritone Matthew Treviño (The Client) were perfectly paired, providing musical power and dramatic excellence. On every level, this was a captivating performance."

          - Opera News


"The "modernization" for Berta, gave Eliza Bonet a great opportunity to show off. Her scene is perhaps most ingenious of the show and was widely applauded."

           - El Nuevo Herald


"Most notable was Eliza was a ditty that totally sparkled under Bonet’s uninhibited delivery."

SF Classical Music Examiner,


"As Eunice Hubbell, mezzo-soprano Eliza Bonet sang with a full bright sound and much warmth."


"...caricatures will battle for your attention every inch of the way, especially mezzo-soprano Eliza Bonet as Tisbe; Vocals, facial expressions and all-around physical humor shine throughout..."


“Noémie (Katy Lindhart) and Dorothée (Eliza Bonet)...steal every scene they're in.”

​WFPL News





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